14 Tricks To Easily Help You Swap Between Being A Tomboy And A Regular Girl


Two kinds of girls exist in our society today; the regular girlish girls and the boyish girls, often referred to as A Tomboy.


Sure, there are those who teeter on the edge of one or the other, shifting back and forth, but the girly girl never stoops to playing like the boys. Getting the tomboy to wear a dress takes some major work. If you lean more towards the tomboy side and look to become a girly girl, if just for a while, these are the 20 things you must do.

#1 Don’t swear. Don’t you know that ladies aren’t supposed to be truck drivers or sailors? They are supposed to say nice things and avoid the vulgarity of those disgusting curse words.

#2 Wear things called accessories. The tomboy is all about the grab and go, but the girly girl finds more things to carry and flash around. From belts to bling, everything must have an accompaniment.


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#3 Care about a purse. Girly girls know more about purse brands than they do about history. Brand names are like a religion, and once the latest Prada bag comes out, they simply must have it!

#4 Don’t go anywhere without wearing makeup. She wouldn’t be caught dead without her “face” on. They are the ones that you see without all the paint on their face, and you barely recognize them. The girly girl is all about concealing her imperfections.

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#5 Wear heels. Yes, they hurt, but they are a necessity! If you are a person who believes in sensible shoes and comfort, then consider yourself a nongirly girl. It doesn’t matter how much it hurts or smashes your toes, if the heels make your legs look long and your calf muscles tight, it is all worth it.

#6 Be Polite. It isn’t that tomboys aren’t polite; it is just girly girls take it one step further. Please and thank you’s are never missed, like never.

#7 Don’t worry about Exercise. Girly girls consider sweating a thing that only paupers do *oh, and they use words like pauper*. If you want to know how to be a girly girl, stay off of the treadmill unless it is just to show off your skintight yoga pants, but don’t sweat it, ever!

#8 Mani-pedis are a must. Girly girls care about things like long nails and French manicures. Pampering is food for their soul, and sitting in a massage chair having someone rub their feet is a necessary part of their week.

#9 They’re all about the drama. Girly girls didn’t just have a bad day—they had the worst day ever! There isn’t anyone in a story that stands out more than them, and everything is exaggerated to the umpteenth degree.

#10 They don’t walk; they float. You barely hear a girly girl coming. Maybe from all of those years of wearing an encyclopedia on their head to walk gracefully, they are about as stealth as a Ninja approaching.

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#11 They play coy. Sure, they wouldn’t be caught dead running for exercise, but on any playground around the world what you will see are the girly girls pretending to not want the attention from the boys received. They run both literally and figuratively to show their “bashfulness.”

#12 Pink is not only your favorite color, it is your wardrobe staple. You are okay with the little black dress for evening wear, but when it comes to slumming it with a t-shirt for the day, pink is the way to go. Not just your fav color, it’s essential for things like cell phone cases, scarves, and gloves.


#13 They speak softly. Not the one to get the crowd going, the girly girl is too busy sitting on the sidelines making sure to stay squeaky clean. Even their voice is elegant. When they speak, you listen closely or lose out.

#14 They don’t take out pests. If she comes across a spider or any type of pest, there is no taking it out. A whole lot of screaming and running around looking for help. You would think the house was on fire.

Variety is the spice of life. Being a regular girl is cool, but being a Tomboy is rather more exciting. Now being able to switch inbetween both makes you a superb unpredictable girl.

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