5 Ways To Handle Embarrassing Penis Erections

Embarrassed man

For most men, an erect penis is a source of pride and something they want to show off, especially when it’s time for action. But unfortunately, sometimes the penis just goes up for no reason, at all. When a guy has an erect penis in bed early in the morning, it’s normal, as the organ is a often a fierce rival of the sun, choosing to rise every morning as well. 

At the wrong time though, erections are quite embarrassing, especially when that erection happens during a lecture, job interview, lunch meeting with the boss or dinner with the family; it definitely become a penis problem.  When a guy has an erection at the wrong time,  he might try all sorts of tactics to get rid of it, and some of them run counter to his good intentions for proper penis care. Fortunately, there are ways to hide an erect penis until nature decides its time to deflate the member.

1. Never get abusive.

Some guys will choose to pinch, squeeze or use other harsh methods to bring their erect penis into submission. And though a sore penis often deflates just as quickly as it became erect, it’s important to remember that this kind of panicky damage control can actually do even more damage than the erect penis ever could. Rather than resort to methods like this, a guy should think things through and find a different solution.

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2. Camouflage like crazy.

When things get hard, a guy should stay seated. Standing up and walking around will only draw attention to the bulge in his pants, but sitting down and crossing his legs will help hide the problem. He can also throw a jacket across his lap, or even hold a book in a very convenient position to hide what’s going on below.

hold a book in a very convenient position

3. Think good thoughts.

While a guy is sitting there, he should be thinking about things that are decidedly not going to turn him on any further. Thinking about paying his taxes, dealing with that awful project at work, or even facing a serious fear – such as a claustrophobic dude crawling through a tight pipe or a man with a fear of heights imagining a fall from a skyscraper – can almost immediately take care of the erect penis problem.

4. Walk properly.

If a man must walk around, he should do so with purpose. Simply march right out of the room after saying goodbyes and keep up a fast pace. This helps in two ways: First, it makes the body believe that no, there is not going to be any use for that erect penis, and it can shut down the anticipation. And second, a quick walk will reroute blood flow to the muscles of the body that are now working harder, thus leading to less of an erection.

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5. Cool it off or tie it up.

Yes, you heard right. If things are truly out of hands, a man should take matters into his hand. If an erect penis refuses to go down and a man is potentially going to embarrass himself horribly if it continues, he can simply excuse himself and use some ice to cool it off, thus taking care of the problem. And another tested and verified trick is to tuck it in between your your belt, trust me this has been saving lots of guys from embarrassment since time immemorial…  lol you gonna thank me for this. It’s an option a guy should only resort to if the erect penis is threatening to cause a real problem.

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