7 Wrong Moves You Must Have Made While Trying To Get Your Crush To Like You

Growing up as a teen, I really had issues getting my crush to like me. It took me years of mischief and lovelornness to discover some “don’ts” when you are hanging out with your crush. Here are a few of them.

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#1. You Tried Changing Yourself To Impress Them

This honestly sounds cliche at this point, but you’d be surprised by just how many people still do this. Yo, if your crush is into blondes, don’t dye your hair blonde. If your crush is into skateboarding, don’t start skateboarding just to get their attention. If your crush can’t accept you as who you are as is, they’re not worth changing for.

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#2. You Bombard Them With Messages

So you guys are in the “talking” phase. Great! Keep it up! But please, don’t get too weird about it. I’m not saying that you should always wait for them to text first–honestly, screw that, take action, girl–but you shouldn’t hit them up on five different messengers in the hopes of getting a reply. Keep your cool without being passive, it’s possible. And remember: take a hint.
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#3. You Gave Up Too Much Power

Don’t let your crush take control over you. You are an independent young woman with agency, don’t forget that. Your crush shouldn’t make you feel less than. You shouldn’t be the butt of their jokes. You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself because they aren’t fawning over you. You aren’t somehow defective because they didn’t reply to your text. Giving these people power over you will just drain you of any and all confidence. You want to avoid that, dude.
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#4. You Gave Up Your Morals Or Beliefs For Your Crush’s Approval

It’s simple: Be yourself, even if yourself isn’t as cool as your crush might want you to be. If you don’t want to smoke but they’re into smoking, don’t start smoking for them! If your crush has had a lot of hookups and you’ve done nothing and don’t feel any pressure to, don’t give up your morals or beliefs. I’m telling you, most of these dudes just aren’t worth it. Why become a totally different person for someone who barely knows how to use deodorant?

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#5. You Played Hard To Get

Yes, some people like a chase. Plenty of people don’t. I think that playing hard to get definitely works for some, but relying on it can lead to disappointment. Not everyone is into games, girl. Stop playing them.


#6. You Pretend To Know Something They’re Into

Hey, if you don’t know about that band they’re obsessed with, use that to your advantage! Ask them about it so theat you can spend some quality time knowing more about them with your crush. Don’t pretend to be an expert and end up embarrassing yourself. Trust, it’s happened to me…it’s always awful.

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#7. You Brag About How Desired You Are

I know, Cher Horowitz swore by this in Clueless, but that move implies that your target is a little more competitive and is a little more intuitive than they might actually be. If someone is going on about how many people are into them, why would one naturally think, “Oh, I should get in on that?” instead of “Hm, I guess they’re taken, huh?” Think about it.

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