Flirting Tips For The Shy Guys – Basics


The Flirting game is is such a strong business that shy guys have no place in. Even the pro flirt guys out there regularly get bounce-offs from women, not to talk about a shy guy who’s not even into the game yet.

The Outrageous Flirters are put off by two types of women when they approach women.


The Typical Shy Guy Characteristics

He is usually the one that loves camouflaging amongst the trees and the bushes along the corridors. They will never approach any woman, and just love taking a look through a pair of binoculars. I presume they grow older to become stalkers or necromaniacs.


You should always have to remember that women want men who are fanciable. So firstly, if you want to impress a woman, try to be fanciable.

Transform into a Fanciable Guy

In a Womanless World, a man can walk around his house wearing a boxer. He can kick a beer can off the floor into the aquarium, if he’s ever going to have one. He can burp and fart and no one would even bother to give him a second glance. No one would ever say “Aren’t you going to shave?” and there will be no woman to say “Why is the toilet seat up?”

But since this is not the case, thankfully so, we have to groom ourselves to seem like we have a million bucks pasted all over us. So your first priority should be to dress smart. Stop dressing like your favorite celebrity or mimicking his dress sense. Instead, try to do something that would make you look better. And always look good, at least as good as you can. Go to a good salon and get yourself a new hairstyle, and pick up a few fragrances that would highlight your personality. Basically, do all the works.

Master The Art Of Conversation

A fanciable man knows how to talk. He is smooth and doesn’t slur or stutter. So be composed and clear when you talk. In simple words, be charming. If you have to approach a girl, or are being introduced to one, then speak pleasantly and courteously.

Most men think that popularity and charm depends entirely on the ability to talk tongue in cheek. You don’t have to be a great conversationalist nor do you have to be a standup comedian to woo a girl. The way a man talks tells a lot about himself. Listen to someone for a while, and you would be able to tell if he is boring, kind, selfish, open minded or pig headed! If you have to be charming and fanciable, learn to pay attention when she talks and reciprocate cheerfully. Let her know that you are taking in every word she says. Women like men who listen, and not drop their stare to a few inches below the face.

Hope these tips work for you. Goodluck!

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