How To Easily Hide Apps On Android With Apus Launcher

A lot of us want to hide apps on our Android phones because of these friends who literally view everything on our phones when we give it to them supposedly for just a minute. They wander in to our photos, then go to our text message app to see what we’ve been up to lately.

hide android apps

Now some of us who want to hide apps might not want to hide them with passwords because we’re always on our phones and we’re too lazy to put a password each time we want to use those apps. This is me typically. I always wanted something like when I’d have to tap a certain part of my home screen three times and Presto! My hidden apps show up.

Apus launcher has been my number one choice of Launcher since years ago when I started using Android. Lemme confess; before I decided to buy an Android phone, it was difficult. I found it hard adapting to Touch Screen because I thought I was Flash on my QRST (7) Java keypad. Don’t dare laugh at me now! Let’s go back to what we were talking about.

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How To Easily Hide Apps On Android With Apus Launcher

1. Install Apus Launcher from Playstore HERE.

2. Go your home screen and hold it down for about a second.

3. On the menu that shows up, tap Apus Settings just above System Settings.

4. Tap Hide Apps

Apus launcher settings

5. Tap Add / Delete to hide new apps.

6. Mark apps you want to hide and tap OK by the right corner of your screen.

Apus launcher hide apps

7. Here they are, hidden. Swipe up with two fingers on home screen to reveal them at anytime.

Apus launcher hidden apps

Furthermore, you can still enable password so that when somebody swipes up with two fingers to reveal your hidden apps, that person will still need to get past your set pattern lock.

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